Get to know the brand - Apres Studio

Get to know the brand - Apres Studio

At Uncommon, we love to highlight amazing brands that we simply adore. We do our best to stock reputable brands that create gorgeous, sustainable and timeless clothing, and one of our favourite brands is Après Studio.

This Australian brand is all about creating clothing that goes beyond the current season or the latest fashion trends. They don’t focus on what’s hot now; they concentrate on incredible designs that can be worn trans-seasonally whenever you want. With their amazing clothes, you can look magnificent any time of the year.

So, where did this brand get its start, and what sets it apart from other amazing labels?

What Sets Après Studio Apart

This Australian brand was founded in 2018. They’re an independently-run company that values slow fashion and creating mainstay pieces while being grounded by ethics and respect for the environment.

This brand’s philosophy is to design pieces that are both stylish and sustainable, using high-quality materials and ethical production practices. They hope to inspire and encourage their customers to strive towards a beautiful, better future for everyone. 

Après Studio’s pieces are perfect for the modern woman who wants to look and feel her best without sacrificing the values she holds near and dear to her heart. You don’t have to give in to unethical practices and environmentally-damaging products to look magnificent every day. This brand’s simple yet elegant designs are perfect for any woman.

Here are a few unique qualities of Après Studio that we love:

They Focus On Sustainability. We at Uncommon highly value sustainability and eco-friendliness, along with valuing good designs and beautiful clothing. So, we appreciate Après Studio’s focus on sustainability and ethical production practices.

Après Studio uses recycled materials in many of its garments. They also strive to create long-lasting clothes that won't break down quickly, therefore reducing waste and the need for more production. 

Their Timeless Designs. Often, in the modern world of fashion, you’ll see fast fashion brands that are just trying to jump onto the latest trend. They’ll pump out heaps of clothing to cash in on what’s hot. But then, much of that clothing will end up in rubbish bins and landfills. 

But Après Studio recognises the harm of fast fashion and instead focuses on creating stunning timeless designs that aren’t bound by the current season or trends. They focus on everyday elegance. You could easily picture yourself enjoying these stunning designs anywhere, anytime. 

These clothes aren’t just something that you wear once or twice; they’re an investment. Their durable qualities and beautiful aesthetics mean that you can enjoy them for many, many years. 

The Versatility Of Their Clothing. Their designs aren’t just timeless; they’re also extremely versatile. Many of these gorgeous pieces can be dressed up or down for any occasion. This means that you don’t have to save your favourite Après Studio clothes for special occasions; you can find a way to make them work for nearly any event you go to. 

Each amazing piece in their trans-seasonal limited edition collections is designed to serve as a key standout essential. They can be mixed and matched, built upon, dressed up, dressed down and incorporated into your unique sense of style. You don’t have to be bound by current trends because the sky’s the limit for what you can do with these versatile clothes. 

For example, have a look at the elegant mini-black skirt in their collection. This simple yet contemporary skirt looks incredible on its own, but its straightforward design and solid black colour make it easy to match with accessories, tops and footwear.

If you were to build an outfit around this marvellous skirt, you could consider:

  • Adding A Belt. A stylish belt, perhaps one with a nice colour, can stand out against the sleek black colour of the skirt. A wonderful thing about choosing a black skirt is that every colour goes with black, so you can choose what you love without worrying about the colours clashing. 
  • Wearing Tights Or Leggings. Tights or leggings can add warmth to your outfit, allowing you to stay comfy when it’s chilly outside. 
  • Wearing A Sweater. A cosy sweater is the epitome of warm yet stylish everyday wear, so wearing one could be the right choice if you want a casual look.
  • Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Outfit. The right shoes can make a world of difference. Consider your outfit as a whole, along with your fashionable new skirt, to choose shoes that go well with your look. Mini skirts often look amazing with ankle-high or knee-high boots. 

How You Can Enjoy The Timeless Designs And Amazing Feel Of Après Studio Clothing

Experience the extravagance of Après Studio yourself by visiting our selection at Uncommon. We’re dedicated to providing New Zealand women with contemporary clothing that’s made with sustainability and beauty in mind, and Après Studio is perfect for that.

You can reach us on 03 389 4507 or use our contact page if you’d like to speak with our team.

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