Brie Leon & Sustainability

Our newest additions to our Brie Leon bag range are not only some of our favourite bags to date, but they also have some pretty cool features when it comes to sustainability. 

While these bags are always vegan, there's a few more steps they’ve taken in the manufacture of the newer styles to ensure sustainability. Here’s a little run down on what materials are used (and how they're made!)

The BL Remy bag, Everyday Croissant, Paloma bag in Pink and Spearmint Green

Recycled PURecycled PU is created from a mixture of both *post and *pre-consumer polyester and polyurethane. The composition becomes 40% post-consumer polyester, 18% pre-consumed polyester, 37% PU, and 5% conventional. Recycled PU reduces waste, carbon emissions, and landfill. This is then used to create the outer shell of the bags!

How recycled PU is madeThe excess polyurethane and polyester is mechanically broken down to make the new PU - then the polymers are reprocessed and mixed with PU. 


Recycled Cotton CanvasRecycled cotton canvas reduces waste, landfill, carbon emissions, and soil degradation. It’s used as the lining fabric of the bags.

How it’s madeThe excess fabrics are collated from clothing and textile factories. The cotton is taken apart, - and then spun into a yarn along with pre-consumer cotton. This yarn is then woven into the recycled cotton canvas fabric. 

The Black and Tan Paloma bags & The Levy Coin Purse

Apple leatherA bio-based textile made using leftovers from the fruit juice industry! (Think pomace and peel)

How it’s madeThe apple waste is turned into a powder, combined with PU, and coated onto a cotton and poly canvas.

Card Holders and Coin Purses…

These ones incorporate recycled PU and rPET.

rPEtRecycled polyethylene tetraphyte (plastic thats often found in things like bottles and food packaging)

How it’s madeUsed plastic bottles are washed and ground down into polyester chips, which are processed into fibers that can be woven into new materials.


*Pre-consumer - Manufacturer waste that never made its way to the consumer, ie. scraps and excess from manufacture.

*Post-consumer - Waste that's been previously used and disposed of.

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