Why You Should Switch To A Natural Fragrance - Discover Luxury Perfume From Abel

Luxury Perfume From Abel

Heavenly perfume can lift your mood, enhance your presence and (of course) make you smell absolutely amazing. Countless people all over New Zealand and the world use perfume every day to give themselves an enticing scent, but many don't consider the ingredients that go into the fragrances that they love.

There are actually no legal requirements that force perfume brands to reveal their full ingredient lists - You could be spraying yourself with potentially harmful chemicals or components without realising it!

This means that even if you already know that you're sensitive to certain types of artificial ingredients often used in perfume, you might not be able to tell if they're included in your new perfume. How frustrating! How can you avoid this conundrum?

Actually, it's easy - just switch to using natural scents like the divine perfumes from Abel.

Why You Should Consider Natural Perfumes

Natural perfume only uses amazing ingredients derived from natural sources, such as soothing essential oils from flowers.

Using natural perfume from transparent, dedicated brands like Abel can improve your life because:

You'll Avoid Potentially Harmful Ingredients. Did you know that there are many commonly-used perfume ingredients that you should avoid? These substances could be potentially harmful to your health. Yet, many perfume companies don't list them on their products!

Natural perfume companies like Abel strive to be as transparent about their ingredients as possible, so you'll have an easy time avoiding ingredients that could hurt you. Although, Abel doesn't use any of these suspicious substances in the first place, and instead uses amazing natural ingredients.

What are these 'must avoid' ingredients? Do your best to stay away from perfumes containing:

  • Phthalates. This artificial chemical is often used in personal care products, despite the fact that it's linked to hormone disruption, endocrine disruption and even reproductive defects.
  • Parabens. Parabens are commonly used to extend the shelf life of various products. Even though it can make perfumes last longer, it can also irritate your skin.
  • Sulphates. Sulphates can cause products to lather, yet they can also irritate your skin.
  • Formaldehyde. This preservative is carcinogenic, which means it has the potential to cause cancer.
  • Toluene. This substance is used to add a sweet smell to aromatic products. However, this sweet-smelling ingredient can also cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, irritation and more.

Lovely smells are known to lift spirits and boost confidence. So, you might get a very disappointing surprise if you use perfume including any of the above-listed ingredients because you could end up with skin irritation, fatigue or worse.

You'll Have An Easier Time Avoiding Substances You Are Intolerant To Or Allergic To. Some individuals are much more sensitive to certain ingredients than others. Simple ingredients that don't bother your peers may cause your skin to become irritated and uncomfortable, and you'll want to avoid these substances at all costs.

Therefore, knowing exactly what's in your perfume is a massive advantage for health-conscious individuals, people with allergies and people with sensitive skin. You'll be able to safely choose your lovely new scents and use them with total confidence.

You May Find Your Unique Signature Scent. Natural perfume is made with wholesome natural ingredients rather than artificial chemicals. Your body will have an easier time when absorbing natural perfume because of this.

Your skin can absorb your divine new perfume, causing it to interact with your body's chemistry in a unique and positive way. This reaction can make your new scent more intense and more 'you.'

Perfumes that use natural oils work best for people with oily skin. People with drier skin can enhance their scent by moisturising their skin before they use their natural perfume.

Imagine that, a signature scent that really is fully unique to you!

Experience Luxury And Refined, Natural Extravagance With Abel

Enjoy the epitome of natural, aromatic luxury with perfumes by Abel. At Uncommon, we're proud to have a magnificent collection of Abel perfumes available in our store.

If you click on any of these enticing perfumes, you'll find a full ingredient list in their description. This is because Abel is committed to transparency and passionately advocates for visibility in the perfume industry. Ingredient transparency is extremely important, and Abel knows it.

Abel is also dedicated to creating exceptional aromas that uphold ethical standards. This means that you can smell incredible while feeling amazing about your choices.

Discover Your New Signature Scent Today

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